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Do you need a highly effective, easy-to-use CBD Oil for your dog? If so, we have the perfect product right here. Our premium quality THC-Free CBD oil for dogs (UK) is produced using only high-quality food-grade American CBD manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices. The CBD we use has to make our high-quality products, such as our CBD Oil for dogs 600mg, and our fantastic CBD treats is extracted from the hemp plant.

Each batch of CBD Isolate we buy from our supplier has been independently tested by a third party lab and we receive their paperwork with every order we place. You can be safe in the knowledge that we only use the highest quality CBD oil for dogs.

Our isolate-based CBD oil differs from Broad spectrum CBD oil and full-spectrum oil in that it is the purest form of CBD that you can get. The CBD contained has been “isolated” from all of the other compounds contained within the hemp plant from which it originates during the extraction process.

Pet owners can be safe in the knowledge that an isolate-based CBD product is the safest of the three major types of CBD used in the manufacture of CBD products for dogs.

While there is an assumption that Broad spectrum CBD oil does not contain any THC, this is most definitely not the case.

Additional to this, we then make arrangements to have our products independently tested to ensure accuracy and consistency of concentration.

We have put together this guide to ensure that you accurately provide the best CBD oil dosage for your dog based on its needs. Alternatively, you may want to understand the best practice and delivery methods for using this product.

Bottle Size…………….…..30ml

Drops per Bottle………..….600

mg per product……..….600mg

mg per drop………..………1mg

Product Guidance

As you can see from the above information, the mg per drop of this product is 1mg.


Suggested starting dosages

Here at Incr-edibles, we suggest the following starting dosage amounts based on the size of your dog.

Small Dogs……….……..3 Drops

Medium-Sized Dogs…..6 Drops

Large Dogs…..……….............10 Drops

Once administered, keep a close eye on your dogs' behavior and note any changes. Stick to these dosage amounts for the first three days while the CBD tops up in the dog's body. 

Increasing the dose

If you see no change in your dogs' behavior or improvement in their pain or condition after three days, try increasing the dose by one drop. Continue with this for another 2-3 days and rise again by another drop if necessary until you see improvements.

If the dosage increase amounts result in a doubling of the initial 3, 6, or 10mg starting dosages we suggest, it may be best to consider giving your dog two separate servings over the day instead of one. For example, provide a small dog 2 x 3mg servings instead of one 6mg serving.


Administering the CBD

The best way to maximise the efficacy of CBD is to place it under the tongue. However, this is not always straightforward where dogs are concerned. With this in mind, you can add the desired amount of oil to the dogs' favourite treats. Alternatively, you can easily arrange to apply it to their everyday meals.


Dogs on Prescribed medication

If you consider starting your dog on any CBD product, we recommend discussing this with your vet, mainly if you are currently receiving prescribed medicines for your dog.

CBD (Cannabidiol), MCT Oil,


Glassware that preserves -

There was no point in us sourcing such great CBD and not using the best possible glassware to preserve it in. With this in mind, we have used a specially designed bottle to protect the products we sell. This glassware is biophotonic and prevents harmful rays from negatively affecting the CBD. Bottles and jars made with this type of glass are highly effective at preserving food products.

Graduated Pipettes: 

Additionally, we also include graduated pipettes with all of our 30ml bottles.  These will help you deliver consistent, accurate dosing every time you use our CBD & CBG oils.


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