CBD Lotions and Balms

200mg CBD Hand Balm (30ml)




Anyone new to CBD may wonder why CBD creams, salves and balms are becoming popular as an alternative to CBD oils and other edible CBD products such as CBD Gummies and Soft Gels. This popularity is because rather than consuming CBD orally, you can quickly and effectively target specific problem areas of the body using a topical product.

When you rub a CBD Balm, cream or salve on a localised area such as a sore knee or wrist, the CBD within the product will permeate the skin and start working directly on the site where it has been applied. By doing this, you can target aches and pain much more effectively than you can by using oral CBD alternatives.

1000mg CBD Cooling Gel (120ml)




Our new CBD Cooling Gel 1000mg is another excellent addition to our new CBD lotions and balms range. This gel is for application to areas of the body where it can provide quick, localised relief. As with most topical CBD products, our cooling gel will work quickly and directly on the targeted area by permeating the skin barrier and benefitting that particular body part.

While its benefits can work below the skin, CBD is also beneficial for skin-related problems such as dermatitis and eczema.

1000mg CBD Body Moisturiser (100ml)




Our fantastic new CBD Body Moisturiser 1000mg is a perfect way to comfort specific pain areas around the body. The direct application ensures that the contained CBD targets the area of concern most directly. Transdermal application of CBD is known to have a significant effect, and our high-strength Lavender body moisturiser will do just that.

As with all the products in our CBD Lotions and Balms range, this product uses only the best quality ingredients, including our 99% pure American CBD Isolate. This 99% pure CBD is produced in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and arrives with us with all the relevant certificates for a high-quality product.

400mg CBD Roll-on Balm




This CBD Roll on Balm 400mg is a fantastic way to relieve tired and aching muscles. Just pop off the lid and roll away the stresses of the day.
While most CBD balm products currently available generally come in tins or jars. Using those products typically means using your hands to apply those balms to your skin. However, this means that you can use our roll-on CBD balm and gently massage it into the skin without needing to get your hands covered in the product, making our roll-on applicator a simple, practical and effective way to use it.